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Yukine gifset - Noragami

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Liv Tyler photographed by Matthew Brookes for Glamour | July 2014

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If I should die,

And you should live,
And time should gurgle on,
And morn should beam,
And noon should burn,

As it has usual done;

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                        Don’t you wanna just make something that lives  f o r e v e r 
Something that’s  p h e n o m e n a l, something that’s g r e a t, something that’s     u n d e n i a b l e? That touches the core of every person that hears it, you know?
You wanna make
something beautiful, something moving, something provocative, something that’s  p  u  r  e         a  n  d         t  r  u  e.

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Thinking about me all night and just wanted to call to wish me a good morning?

Aww, sweet. You shouldn’t have.


Ben Whishaw’s Roles: Hamlet, 2004.

“‘Whishaw, with his light, tremulous voice, painfully thin body, and the kind of cheekbones that will have adolescent girls swooning in the stalls, presents the most raw and vulnerable Hamlet I have ever seen.’ Fragile-fleshed and clad in a beanie-cap, the actor seemed an ideal twenty-first century Dane – a tragic hero for the iPod generation.